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taramorganataramorgana Tara Morgana
text: Paul Holman - photography: Paul Lambert
Tara Morgana is a work of pure magical writing. The title comes from the fusion of the Tibetan devi with Morgan Le Fay who is pursued as a mirage throughout this haunting text. Part magical diary, part dreamscape, part Situationist dérive through the landscape, Tara Morgana is an enigmatic record of ritual practice. This is not a book about magic, rather, it is a magical book, splintered by a sequence of photographic images: glimpsed spirit portraits, apparitions captured in the play and decay of light, giving it an otherworldly aspect. Tara Morgana is a truly esoteric and numinous text, a beautifully realised work that leads us on two parallel journeys of poetry and image, through the world and work of living magical artists.
pp, Large 8vo landscape 160 x
240 mm. With 31 black and white photographs.
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testamentofcypriantestamentofcyprian The Testament of Cyprian the Mage
Jake Stratton-Kent
This is the final work in Stratton-Kent's acclaimed Encyclopaedia Goetica series. The Testament of Cyprian the Mage is an ambitious and far-seeing work, addressing two ends of the magical spectrum: the Testament of Solomon and a version of the Iberian Book of Saint Cyprian. This work draws upon these texts to create a clear understanding of the practice of grimoire magic, not as a discrete or degenerate subset of ceremonial magic, but one which is integrated with folk magic and witchcraft. In particular we discover a shared dramatis personae, the infernal pact, and a common terrain of Wild Hunt and Sabbat. A major acheivement.

2 Vols, 600 pp, Royal 8vo 234x 156 mm. Printed in black and red, pen and ink illustrations.
Available as a standard hardback.

serpent songs serpent songs Serpent Songs
Various ed Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold
erpent Songs are the works and words of those who remain untamed, from Cunning Folk to Exorcists to Pellars to Sorgin and Witches and Mystics. A collection of fifteen essays are introduced and curated by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold through whose contacts we encounter the worlds of lone practitioners and tradition holders, from both family and clan, and are allowed a rare glimpse into the workings of the more secretive proponents of the Craft. Serpent Songs contains the works of Cornish and Basque witchcraft, the relatively unknown Swedish Trolldom, the persecuted Bogomils, and Italian Stregoneria.

pp, pinched crown 8vo 240 x
171 mm.
Available as a standard hardback, and epub/mobi editions.

witchcraft Exu Apocalyptic Witchcraft
Peter Grey
Apocalyptic Witchcraft gives a compelling and profound account of the Sabbat and Wild Hunt as living experiences. These are the core of our ritual practice. Dream, lunar and critically menstrual magic are explored as a path to this knowledge. The wolf, the Devil, and the Goddess of Witchcraft are then encountered in a landscape that ultimately reveals the witch to her or himself. These are not separate threads, but arise from a deep mythic structure and are woven together into a single unifying vision.

pp, 8vo 240 x
156 mm.
Available as a standard hardback, paperback and epub/mobi editions.

exu Exu Exu and the Quimbanda of Night and Fire
Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold
Exu is the strong companion to Pomba Gira and together with her this forms the most complete account of this sorcerous cult. Exu is the fusion of Umbanda, Angolan sorcery and European demonology, erupting in a uniquely Brazilian cult of practical magical action. Spells, workings, hierarchies and origins are all given in detail. Many will be drawn to this book by the prospect of possession work and necromantic practice, they will not be disappointed. It is a veritable Devil's Bible.
352 pp, 8vo 234 x
156 mm, ten pen and ink portraits, over 120 pontos riscados.
Available in standard hardback, paperback and epub/mobi editions.

at the crossroads Crossroads At the Crossroads
Various, Eds. Alkistis Dimech, Peter Grey, Jake Stratton-Kent
Western magic intersects with the African diaspora religions. A New World of magic is born at the Crossroads. A vibrant new anthology featuring the work of Jake Stratton-Kent, Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, Aaron Leitch and a host of other practitioners. From alchemy to hexing, cunning craft to the petro loa, a powerful fusion is taking place which flows out to the four corners of the world. Sixteen essays in total with extensive original artwork and images.

208 pp, small quarto 230 x
210 mm, printed in black & white and colour, illustrated.
Available in standard hardback; and pdf.

Mandragora - Further Explorations in Esoteric Poesis
Various, Ed Ruby Sara
Mandragora is a companion volume to Datura, and some 100 pages larger, comprising nine extensive essays and the works of 48 poets. This is the strange, mad, chymical wedding of poet and magic, and the occult euphoria that follows it through time and space.
If you enchant, incant or evoke this is essential reading.

246 pp, pinched crown 240 x 170 mm.
Available in standard hardback, paperback and epub/mobi editions.

blood of the earth blood of the earth The Blood of the Earth: An Essay on Magic and Peak Oil
John Michael Greer
The Blood of the Earth is a challenging and radical book. It fuses hard physical science with an adept’s understanding of magic. It is a lucid, articulate and devastating piece of writing. You could call it a polemic, you could call it a prophetic work, but it is essential reading for the modern magician as Empires fall. .
Magic, like peak oil, is the voice our civilisation has failed to heed. Greer argues passionately that the answers to our darkening age are to be found in the practice of magic.
Clearly written and accessible, The Blood of the Earth is part of the fusion of deep ecology and deep paganism which is equally relevant to heathen, druid, magician and witch. An hermetic tour de force.

184 pp, royal 8vo 240 x 156 mm.
Available in standard hardback, paperback and epub/mobi editions.

Pomba Gira and the Quimbanda of Mbumba Nzila
Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold
A significant study on the cult of Pomba Gira, this is the most comprehensive work in the English language on the Devil's mistress, whose Brazilian cult has bewitched so many.
It is a book that those seeking congress with the current of strong female magical sexuality have long desired.
A beguiling spirit, Pomba Gira gives solace to the broken hearted, vengeance for the wronged, and a fierce path for those that would take her as muse. In Pomba Gira Frisvold gives explicit workings, baths and waters, her songs and chants. Her plant allies among the nightshades are described in a full herbarium.

232 pp, royal 8vo 234 x 156 mm, extensively illustrated with pontos riscados and 13 erotic line drawings.
Available in standard hardback, paperback and epub/mobi editions.

Datura - An Anthology of Esoteric Poesis
Various, Ruby Sara (ed)
The lady of moth and moon unfurls her shy and deadly petals. These navigators of the midnight sea – occultists and poets and devotees seeking after that which seduces them – are familiar with the dream of intoxication that follows her scent. She is the woman in the song, the night-blooming narcotic, gorgeous and strange. She is the horned blossom, the guardian of the threshold, the keeper of madness.
Datura comprises the work of 26 leading poets from the occult and pagan communities, and six essays on the agony and ecstasy of the creative process, and giving the history of occult poetry from Ancient Greece through to the modern day.

160 pp, pinched crown 4to 240 x 170 mm.
Available in standard hardback, paperback and epub/mobi editions.

The Red Goddess
Peter Grey
The Red Goddess takes you through a tale of sex, drugs and violence. This is an ecstatic journey through the unheard history of Babalon from Revelations, back through the Ishtar Gate and forward into a living modern magickal current.
This is an explicit and challenging vision of a very modern goddess coming into power. More than a history, it is a passionate account of living magick and the transcendent power of Love. The epic sweep of the text takes us from Babylon to Jerusalem to Rome, and onwards to Apocalypse.

234 pp, royal 8vo 234 x 156 mm.
Available in paperback and epub/mobi editions
Palo Mayombe - The Garden of Blood and Bones
Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold
An initiates account of this much maligned religion and cult whose central nigromantic mystery is the prenda, the cauldron containing the human skull or bones, reanimated by living spirit.
The Garden of Blood and Bones gives explicit detail of the workings of Palo Mayombe for good and ill. The method of divination, the herbs, animals, trees and plants, powders, baths and waters, the songs and chants. It presents a complete living system one which embraces both the arts of healing and resurrection, and those that remove life.

240 pp, royal 8vo 234 x 156 mm, illustrated with firmas of the principal spirits and with four tipped in colour plates of the author’s prendas.
Available in paperback and epub/mobi editions.

Crossed Keys
Michael Cecchetelli
A chimeric binding of both The Black Dragon and the Enchiridion of Pope Leo III in a fresh translation by grimoire magician Michael Cecchetelli.
Together they comprise a wealth of spells, spirits, lore, talismans and psalm magic, with their head in the highest heavens and their feet in the deepest hells. Extensively footnoted, the seals corrected redrawn and restored, with excerpts and workings from the translator's magical record, this is a well armed and practical text which throws light on the Grimorium Verum, Red Dragon and Grand Grimoire.

240 pp, crown 8vo 186 x 123 mm.
Available in paperback and epub/mobi editions.

Geosophia - The Argo of Magic
Encyclopaedia Goetica volume ii: from the Greeks to the Grimoires
Jake Stratton-Kent
This is Stratton-Kent's masterpiece, tracing the development of magic from the Greeks to the grimoires, it lays bare the chthonic roots of ritual. By exposing the necromantic origins of much of modern magic we are able to reconnect with the source of our ritual tradition. There is a continuity of practice in the West which encompasses the pre-Olympian cults of Dionysus and Cybele, is found in the Greek Magical Papyri and Picatrix and flows into the grimoires. Rather than a muddle of superstition, the grimoire tradition is revealed as the living descendant of the ancient practices of the Goes. A groundbreaking work.

2 vols, 700 pp royal 8vo 234 x 156 mm, with eight colour plates, maps, illustrations and tables.
Available in paperback and epub/mobi editions.

The True Grimoire
Encyclopaedia Goetica volume i: a reconstruction of the Grimorium Verum
Jake Stratton-Kent
The True Grimoire is a major contribution to the practice and study of goetic magic. The neglected and maligned Grimorium Verum has been restored to its rightful place as a potent and coherent system. Jake Stratton-Kent has reconstructed a working version from the corrupted Italian and French versions of this important grimoire. As a practicing necromancer with 40 years of experience his Verum is a clear exposition of how to contact and build a relationship with the spirits.

280 pp, royal 8vo 234 x 156 mm, profusely illustrated with characters, sigils, magic squares and pontos.
Available in paperback and epub/mobi editions.

Bringing down the house of god
Our civilisation is in crisis, as we confront ecological collapse, political control, wars of terror, and wars on consciousness. XVI seeks to raise magickal awareness of the unique times we find ourselves in, whilst being open to the resourcefulness and indominatable nature of the human spirit to find solutions and responses to it. This is magick attuned to the zeitgeist. Sex, drugs, art, initiation rites, calls to arms, ritual actions, aeonic plans, revolutionary witchcraft and apocalypse converge with the most radical writers coming to terms with The Tower. Peter Carroll, Ramsey Dukes, Peter Grey, Stephen Grasso, Orryelle, Raven Kaldera et al.

280 pp, pinched crown 4to 240 x 170 mm, printed in red and black ink with 12 full colour plates.

The grimoire tradition is being reinvigorated in the living practice of the carcists, magicians and sorcerors who dare to work with these books. Those of us who do this work, regardless of whether we trepass amongst the angels or daemons, are often slandered as diabolical. our books are also regarded as diabolical, being incomprehensible, demonic and without spiritual or practical value. We throw this back at our accusers by demonstrating that these books are more complex than black and white theology allows, and as repositories of forbidden knowledge are worth their weight in gold.

364pp, royal crown 8vo 234 x 156 mm, with nine colour plates of original artwork.
Available in standard hardback.

Howlings comprises fourteen original and extensive essays which explore the grimoires. These are passionate, informed and evocative pieces which create a unique testament to the vibrancy of the modern magickal current. From the Lemegeton, to Qutub, to Liber 231 every facet of the grimoire tradition is represented. We place established writers such as Tyson, Rankine and Leitch alongside new voices in a work which has become a modern classic.

208 pp, royal 8vo 234 x 156 mm, with four colour plates.
Available in standard hardback.