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at the crossroads

tt the crossroads the paths of magicians and worlds meet.
Grimoire and root workers, Hoodoo and Vodoun, Quimbanda and Ifa. A potent fusion is occuring, a second diaspora.

At the Crossroads tells the stories of what happens when the Western Magical Tradition encounters the African Diaspora and Traditional religions, and vice versa. It is a mixing and a magic that speaks of a truly new world emerging.

In this gathering of kindred spirits, experiences are shared between initiates of very different cultures whose magic proves to be underpinned by the same principles, though clothed in different garb.

We find the grimoires of Old Europe flourishing in the New World, Juju spreading through the United States, the Cunning men of Essex rendering service to the Lwa of Haitian Voudon, alchemists who are Paleros, the techniques of the Greek Magical Papyri applied to C
onjure counter-hexing. This is fertile ground for the imagination, and practice.

At The Crossroads is e
xtensively illustrated, in both black and white and colour with original artworks and in depth essays by leading practitioners of the occult community from New York to Bristol, and from London to Brazil.

An important contribution made at the point where all the roads meet.
Where we encounter the most traditional approaches and the wildest fringes of the avant garde, At the Crossroads boldly demands your attention.



Peter Grey - Preamble: Standing Still

Jake Stratton-Kent - Necromancy: the Role of the Dead in a Living Tradition

Aaron Leitch - Folk Traditions and the Solomonic Revival

Eric K Lerner - Eleggua; Eleggua's Worlds (art)

Stephen Grasso - Open up the Gate

Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold - The Invisible City in the Realm of Mystery

Richard Ward - In the Shadow of the Cross

Drac Uber & Ivy Kerrigan - Libations for the Lwa

Michael Cecchetelli - Countermeasures

Humberto Maggi - Crossing Worlds

Ryan Valentine - A brief history of the Juju

Hagen Von Tulien - Soul Dream (art)

Kyle Fite - The Syncretic Soul at the Cross of Cosmic Union

ConjureMan Ali - Goetic Initiation

Christopher D Bradford - Nigromantic Putrfaction

Chad Balthazar - A Garden Amidst the Flames

Angela Edwards - Queen of Fire & Flesh (art)

Jake Stratton-Kent - Magic at the Crosssroads

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