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xvi kill all kings

our civilisation is in crisis. As we confront ecological collapse, political control, wars of terror, and wars on consciousness, we are seeking emergence from this state of emergency.

XVI proposes gnostic strategies for liberation.
Some will consider this a dangerous and inflammatory book, it is.

These provocative essays from the most radical contemporary occult thinkers reveal a creative and passionate engagement with the world.

Attacks on our freedoms can lead to freedom, the sudden enlightenment, the lightning path and the initiatory crisis that the tower also represents.

XVI seeks to raise magickal awareness of the unique times we find ourselves in, whilst being open to the resourcefulness and indominatable nature of the human spirit to find solutions and responses to it. This is magick attuned to the zeitgeist.

The Babel edition of XVI is 280pp comprising sixteen (and one) original and significant essays, bound in natural linen cloth in a strict edition of 700 copies.

The cover is impressed with a sunken panel holding a striking letterpress rendering of the Tower by occult artist Kyle Fite. XVI is printed throughout in red and black ink on heavy paper stock.

It is also forthcoming as a digital epub and mobi edition.

Sex, drugs, art, initiation rites, calls to arms, ritual actions, aeonic plans, revolutionary witchcraft and apocalypse converge in our new title, XVI.
It is a call to arms.

The text is riven by images from:

Stafford Stone
Kyle Fite
Fredrik Soderberg
Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule
Hafiz Batin
Michael Idehall
Eric K Llerner

John Michael Greer - Magic and the End of History
The shape of time, the myth of progress and the fall of civilisation.

Ramsey Dukes - XXXII, Not One Tower But Two
The forbidden pleasures of 9/11 and the fight for freedom.

Carl Abrahamsson - Everything Must Go...On!
Metaprogramming the future through art.

Eric K Lerner - The Tower
Shango, santeria, phallic magick and the tarot.

Raven Kaldera - Being the Change
The path of a transgender plant shaman, from permaculture to bdsm.

Michael Idehall - The Tower of Babel
Qliphothic initiation on the averse path and the astral realm.

Peter Grey - Seeing Through Apocalypse
John Dee, Babalon, brain chemistry and apocalypse denial.

Dr George J Sieg - Occult War for the Aeon
Aeonic warfare from IOT, OTO, ONA to Evola and the church, as civilisations clash.

James Wasserman - Defeating a Vile Threat
Advocating patriotic Thelemic resistance to attacks on our liberty.

Hafiz Batin - Orgy in Matter
The spiritual warfare of an Ismaili gnostic in the West

Dr Dave Evans/Francis Breakspear - Twin Infinities
Chaote on Crowley, car crashes and identity crises.

Stephen Grasso - Things Fall Apart
Fighting dystopian doomsayers with Vodou.

Kyle Fite - Falling into Fire
A journey through Burroughs, Blake, Hesse, Crowley and Bertiaux.

Julian Vayne - The Ecstatic State
The war against some drugs and the ritual use of toad venom.

Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule - The Tower Crashes
Direct artistic intervention, babble babel, and theatrical ecological action.

Peter J Carroll - Eschaton
The godfather of Chaos magic enchants for the Eschaton

Alkistis Dimech - Coup de Foudre
Woman and revolutionary witchcraft from the Sabbat to collapse, from Michelet to Jack Parsons to now.

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